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UBCOM awards its label to Serenicity

February 24, 2021

UBCOM awards its label to Serenicity, the French start-up that allows you to take back control of your network.

UBCOM announces that it has selected and certified the Detoxio and Cymealog solution developed by Serenicity, the young French company that enables small and medium-sized businesses to regain control of their IT network. This decision was taken as part of UBCOM's research and selection process for cybersecurity offers.

Convinced of the added value provided by the network flow analysis solution developed by Serenecity, the agency UBCOM rewards this solution for its three major assets:

UBCOM décerne son label à Serenicity, la jeune pousse française qui permet de reprendre le contrôle de son réseau.

UBCOM annonce avoir sélectionné et labellisé la solution Detoxio et Cymealog développée par Serenicity, la jeune pépite française qui permet au TPE/PME/ETI de reprendre le contrôle de leur réseau informatique. Cette décision est prise dans le cadre des recherches et démarches de sélection d’offres en cybersécurité réalisées par UBCOM.

Convinced of the added value provided by the network flow analysis solution developed by Serenecity, the UBCOM agency rewards it for its three major assets:

  • Sovereignty: Serenicity's offer is the first fully sovereign real-time dynamic vulnerability detection solution. With a source code developed in France and a capitalization in own name held by EU citizens, Serenicity operates its solution on its own servers in France.
  • Methodology: The analysis tool, which complies with ANSSI recommendations, provides dynamic alerts on the vulnerability of flows entering and leaving the company's network. There is no other solution as pragmatic and operationally efficient to identify and analyze a threat. Like the Office of Legends, but in an "iTunes" format, which allows the solution to be deployed without training and without modifying the infrastructure.
  • And enhanced security: Companies that are lucky enough to have a firewall often do not have the chance to manage it daily, in depth and efficiently. Serenicity's Detoxio solution allows to regain control of the network activity and especially to manage what the firewall does not see and does not manage by proposing a reporting that allows to act with efficiency on the global security of the organization's data. Thus a Dataleaks is immediately detected, and this through an interface accessible to all.

Finally, Serenicity was able to answer with clarity to the sovereignty audit which reassures the customer on the exploitation, the hosting and the legal ownership of the rightful owners. Totally independent from American and Chinese technologies, Serenicity is a 100% European and French product.

Meeting specific criteria on the issues of encryption, operational maintenance and efficiency of the solution, Serenicity is certified by UBCOM for its operational sovereignty and functional relevance. UBCOM recognizes that the features of Serenicity's solution contribute to safeguarding the company's economic information assets and to improving the performance of recovery and remediation in case of a cyber attack or an IT incident.

At a time when economic sovereignty is becoming a regal and strategic issue, it was obvious for UBCOM to qualify Serenicity insofar as the legal and technical requirements to guarantee the sovereignty of data managed by the company are in line with the objectives of the UBCYBER label.

For Frans Imbert-Vier, CEO of UBCOM: "Serenicity is the first French offer that allows to see and understand the activity of the organization's network. It's amazing to what extent the solution popularizes this technical issue that is often very obscure and above all very costly. The business model of the solution and its ability to collect evidence of cyber malice through its powerful log management system. The associated service offers a follow-up and an analysis on demand. Thus, Serenicity does not only install a box on the customer's premises, but also accompanies him when necessary to identify the origin of a threat and propose the appropriate response. Finally, the tool complements the expectations of insurers who see the solution as a way to more easily initiate legal action in the event of an attack."

He added: "We are pleased to include Serenicity in our catalog of solutions. Serenicity is the first network flow analysis offer, which allows to anticipate the risk and the attack with a level of performance unmatched to date by American or Israeli offers and for a cost that allows VSEs/SMEs to benefit from a very professional and sovereign support level. The speed of intervention, the size of the industrial tool and the level of engineering of Serenicity make it a particularly effective and strategic solution in the current context for organizations ".

The official qualification of in the UBCOM solutions catalog will take place during the end of February 2021.


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