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Taking back control of your information system has never been easier.

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Serenicity Control

Data visualization reimagined

Find simple and powerful features, all in one interface.


Give a simple visualization on the IT risk that weighs on your network.


Set up alerts to react quickly when an attack is detected.

PDF report

Generate simple, easy-to-understand PDF reports with just a few clicks.


A intuitive interface

Serenicity Control is easy to use and can easily read the data provided by Detoxio and Cymealog.


Get a quick overview of the status of your information system.



Detect vulnerable or compromised endpoints in your organisation.



Supervisez les flux réseau et identifiez les menaces présentes sur le réseau



Export the status of your information system to PDF format in a few clicks.


Make the invisible visible

Discover the origin of the threats and the attacking IPs blocked thanks to the cybermaps.


Keep an eye on your cyber security

Simplify your IT security management with Control, the next generation dashboard that gives you effective control over your network.


Simply set up your alerts to be notified when toxic flows are detected on your network.


Visualizing your toxic flows on a map lets you quickly understand the origin of threats.


Connection to Control is enforced with strong authentication. Receive your code by email, SMS or via your favorite MFA application.

Frequent updates

Control is frequently enriched with new features. No manual update is required, just refresh your browser.

PDF reports

PDF report generation lets you easily export the status of your information system.


Control provides simplified API access so you can retrieve your data as easily as possible.


Serenicity Cerbère

The Serenicity Cerbère database is constantly updated with the latest indicators of compromise based on our patented technologies and our agreements with the authorities.


Integrated with solutions

Serenicity Cerbère is continuously updated with Detoxio and Cymealog to quickly detect and block suspicious activity and malicious behaviour before it causes damage.

Connected with our partners

Our agreements with the authorities and our private partners guarantee a constant flow of intelligence on the latest and most advanced threats.

Precise qualification

Serenicity Cerbère provides accurate and reliable information on threats in order to protect your information system: location, typology, host, etc.

Behavioural analysis

Indicators are updated in real time based on Internet threat activity to provide comprehensive and proactive protection.

Data privacy

Sovereignty by design

Our solutions designed and developed in France are hosted in Europe.

Our products ensure the security of your data, particularly with regard to RGPD requirements and extra-territorial laws.


Frequently asked questions

Serenicity Control is a web application that allows you to manage and visualize your devices. With advanced data visualization tools, you can quickly understand the status of your information system.

When you subscribe to the service, you will receive an email to create your accesses. It is also possible to try Serenicity Control with a demo account.

Take back control of your information system

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