The Cymealog solution

The solution to analyze your organization's logs.

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  • Threat identification from your logs

  • Alerts and risk anticipation

  • Automatic cyber security reports on the status of the information system

  • Monitoring and threat understanding made easy with Serenicity Control

  • Flexible with any log format


Identify threats with your logs

The Cymealog solution analyzes at high frequency the toxic flows that can alter, destroy or steal the data of organizations.
On a log history or in real time, Cymealog identifies the threats.


Bring visualization to your existing solutions

Cymealog is a complementary solution to your firewall, IPS/IDS, etc.
With the visualization of your logs in Serenicity Control, you know the threats and their nature.

Serenicity Control

Serenicity Cerbère

The Serenicity Cerbère database is constantly updated with the latest indicators of compromise based on our patented technologies and our agreements with the authorities.


Integrated with solutions

Serenicity Cerbère is continuously updated with Detoxio and Cymealog to quickly detect and block suspicious activity and malicious behaviour before it causes damage.

Connected with our partners

Our agreements with the authorities and our private partners guarantee a constant flow of intelligence on the latest and most advanced threats.

Precise qualification

Serenicity Cerbère provides accurate and reliable information on threats in order to protect your information system: location, typology, host, etc.

Behavioural analysis

Indicators are updated in real time based on Internet threat activity to provide comprehensive and proactive protection.


Powerful to identify toxic flows

Advanced security features, configurable alerts and fast processing for efficient flow monitoring.


Cymealog analysera les logs dès leur réception.


Any log format is handled.


A high frequency analysis technology for your logs.


Supervision of toxic and non-toxic flows.


Send customizable alerts when threats are detected.

Threat Update

Integration of the Serenicity Cerbère database several times per hour.


Technical specifications

Get a better understanding of your logs through a powerful analysis system.

Supported formats

Stormshield™, Cisco™, Fortinet™, etc.

Secure channel

Secure channel to deposit your logs.

Network availability

Upload up to 1Gb/s.


Access to your data via a REST API.

Data privacy

Sovereignty by design

Our solutions designed and developed in France are hosted in Europe.

Our products ensure the security of your data, particularly with regard to RGPD requirements and extra-territorial laws.

Security Operations Center

Are you cyberprotected?

Whatever the size of your organization, Cymealog is a SOCable (Security Operations Center compatible) solution.
Our partners ensure the monitoring and protection of your assets with our solutions.

Security Operations Center


Frequently asked questions

Cymealog is a high frequency log analysis solution.

Cymealog is deployed in 3 phases:
1. Provision of a secure channel to deposit your logs.
2. Implementation of log transfer.
3. Validation and creation of access to Serenicity Control.

Cymealog allows to identify on all types of network logs the presence of toxic flows.
Thanks to the Serenicity Cerbère database, it detects all flows coming from or going to a toxic IP address.
Cymealog is the perfect complement to your firewall, IPS/IDS, etc.

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