The Detoxio solution

The solution to protect your organisation.

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  • Detection and blocking of toxic flows

  • Real-time alerts and risk anticipation + identification

  • Automatic cyber security reports on the status of the information system

  • Monitoring and threat understanding made easy with Serenicity Control

  • Suitable for all types of networks


A simple solution accessible to all

The Detoxio solution analyzes and blocks toxic flows that can alter, destroy or steal data from organizations.
In physical or virtual form, Detoxio can be quickly installed in many environments.


Comes with an intuitive and comprehensive interface

View threats on your network in real time with Serenicity Control and remedy weaknesses quickly.

Serenicity Control

Serenicity Cerbère

The Serenicity Cerbère database is constantly updated with the latest indicators of compromise based on our patented technologies and our agreements with the authorities.


Integrated with solutions

Serenicity Cerbère is continuously updated with Detoxio and Cymealog to quickly detect and block suspicious activity and malicious behaviour before it causes damage.

Connected with our partners

Our agreements with the authorities and our private partners guarantee a constant flow of intelligence on the latest and most advanced threats.

Precise qualification

Serenicity Cerbère provides accurate and reliable information on threats in order to protect your information system: location, typology, host, etc.

Behavioural analysis

Indicators are updated in real time based on Internet threat activity to provide comprehensive and proactive protection.


Instantly block and monitor toxic flows

Advanced security features, configurable alerts and automatic setup allow you to focus on what really matters.

Simple installation

Threat protection from the moment your network is switched off.


Deployment possible in dedicated equipment, server or VM.


Automatic updates with new features.


Supervision and filtering of toxic and non-toxic flows in real time.


Send customizable alerts when threats are detected.

Threat update

Integration of the Serenicity Cerbère database several times per hour.


Technical specifications

Protect your organization by filtering data flows in and out of your network.


Flow processing via a transparent bridge.


Compatible with all types of information systems.


Custom network interfaces (from 1 to 10Gb).


Access to your data via a REST API.


Discover the Detoxio range

Each Detoxio solution is designed to meet specific needs. Need advice? Contact us



Detoxio Essentiel is equipped with a 1 Gb/s Ethernet network bridge for monitoring flows from a single network segment.

Integral Multi

Integral Multi

Detoxio Integral Multi is equipped with 3 1Gb/s Ethernet network bridges enabling supervision of flows from 3 network segments.

Integral Rack

Integral Rack

Detoxio Integral Rack is equipped with 4 1Gb/s bridges and 2 SFP+ 10Gb/s bridges, enabling supervision of flows from 4 Gbe segments and 2 fiber segments.



Detoxio adapts to all types of physical or virtual architectures. Originally designed as a transparent bridge, Detoxio can route traffic from a Layer 3 core network. Contact us for a customized study.

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Use cases

The Detoxio solution for all organisations

From small businesses to large corporations and government agencies, all organisations face increasingly sophisticated and varied threats.
Data security is crucial to preserve the trust of your clients and the continuity of your business. Detoxio includes measures to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.

Spot and block data leaks

Detoxio detects abnormal flows and blocks data exfiltration attempts caused by malware present in your information system.

Any connected machine is a target

Computers, servers, but also printers or any equipment connected to the network is a potential target for cyber attacks. Detoxio and Control allow to map all toxic and non-toxic network flows.

Prevent ransomware attacks

Backups alone are not enough to guarantee complete security against ransomware. Detoxio blocks traffic to command centres and stops the reloading of ransomware.

Spotting the warning signs

In addition to spotting weak signals by triggering alerts, Detoxio allows you to implement preventive measures to strengthen the security of your network and protect your sensitive data.

Data privacy

Sovereignty by design

Our solutions designed and developed in France are hosted in Europe.

Our products ensure the security of your data, particularly with regard to RGPD requirements and extra-territorial laws.

Security Operations Center

Are you cyberprotected?

Whatever the size of your organization, Detoxio is a SOCable (Security Operations Center compatible) solution.
Our partners ensure the monitoring and protection of your assets with our solutions.

Security Operations Center


Frequently asked questions

Detoxio comes in the form of a box, a server or a virtual machine. Positioned in the company between the Internet access and your network, it supervises the incoming and outgoing flows.
Thanks to the Serenicity Cerbère database, it detects and blocks all flows coming from or going to a toxic IP address.

Detoxio can be installed in a cutaway. It has two network interfaces, one for the outside (WAN) and the other for your internal network (LAN).

Detoxio detects and blocks toxic flows that transit through your network. It is complementary to other security solutions such as firewalls and antivirus.
Detoxio is a transparent bridge that allows real-time filtering of toxic flows.
Serenicity Control allows you to visualize and characterize the flows identified by Detoxio.

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