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Cyrille Elsen joins Serenicity

November 10, 2020

Cyrille Elsen joins the start-up Serenicity as Director of Information Systems.

A 1998 graduate of Télécom Lille (now IMT Lille Douai), Cyrille Elsen began his career as an architect and and security project manager at Alcatel Submarine Networks. In 2001, he joined the Casino group as in charge of networks and telecoms. He became the CISO in 2013 and then the Director of Information Systems and Digital Transformation in 2017.

Convinced by the concept developed by the young company Serenicity, Cyrille Elsen, a new partner, took on the position of CIO to deal with the position of CIO to deal with network security and democratize the fight against cybercrime via the automation of the processing of toxic flows and the simplification of the understanding of the threat by managers.

Serenicity markets a suite of hardware and software solutions that are the result of 3 years of research and development of research and development and whose innovations have been the subject of 5 patents.

The tools, developed in France by Serenicity, are already recognized for their performance and efficiency by by cybersecurity specialists such as ANSSI, DCPJ and C3N. Serenicity's digital solutions are designed to face the exponential increase of cyber attacks by focusing on the critical points of the network in order to quickly identify threats and counter them in time.

Serenicity initiates a disruptive innovation based on machine learning that automates the detection of weak signals present in the mass of information of the flows analyzed in real time. Result: 1 single flow towards a toxic marker generates an alert in real time and the unwanted flow is neutralized. The human specialist only has to focus on remediation in order to reduce the time of exposure to the risk generated by the vulnerabilities present on the systems.

Serenicity defends sovereign and controlled technological choices that ensure the confidentiality of data and exchanges.

Serenicity defends a collaborative approach to reduce the cyber divide by making cybersecurity accessible to all types of structures, from large groups to small businesses, associations and local authorities.